How To Heal Ebook


Overcoming Life’s Greatest Challenges with the Law of Attraction and Divine Guidance

International bestselling author, certified life coach, Law of Attraction, Jikiden Reiki and ho'oponopono practitioner Hanna Elizabeth Hashim mentors others to embrace the life lessons they experience and use the wisdom that comes out of them to create a life of their dreams. She teaches her clients to apply the Law of Attraction principles to their lives and tune in to the divine realm guidance that is readily available to them. The tools she teaches in the coaching sessions will empower you and give you the self-confidence to go and face the world with a different positive perspective and raise your vibrations from fear to love. Hanna has worked with some clients to help break their own barriers to fear and limiting beliefs of the old ways of behaviour that no longer serves their highest good. She has also mentored clients through difficult relationships and empowered them to believe in themselves and the power they have within them. 

Format: Ebook  Pages: 54