Life Coaching to Make Positive Change Within You

If you want to change what's going on AROUND YOU, change what's going on WITHIN YOU

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"In working with Hanna I felt listened to, safe and free of judgement. She helped me find my own solutions by asking thought provoking questions. She was patient with me when I was indecisive and yet lovingly nudged me to move forward when I was keeping myself stuck." Kim Meier, USA

Hanna Hashim

Certified Life Coach

Hanna Hashim is an English language teacher and a life coach who has dedicated her few years to rediscovering herself and healing the wounds of the past so now she can propel into the glorious future. 

My Specialties:

Life Coaching Certificate
Law of Attraction Practitioner
Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Ho Ľoponopono (reconciliation and forgiveness practice)